Industrial Tumble Dryers

UT Series Single Tumble Dryer

UniMac® commercial tumble dryers are in a league of their own in terms of performance and efficiency. These durable commercial laundry machines achieve the perfect balance between drying temperature, airflow pattern and usable cylinder space for optimal drying results while significantly reducing utility and labor costs. To further reduce operating expenses, these industrial laundry machines feature innovations like the revolutionary OPTidry™ Over-dry Prevention Technology. Available in variety of sizes, UniMac commercial tumble dryers meet the needs of commercial and on-premises laundries of all types and sizes.

Industrial Tumble Dryers Features

  • Control Option

    1. UniLinc
      UniMac's industry-exclusive UniLinc system represents the pinnacle of laundry management.
    2. 1. Flexible operation: UniLinc allows any combination up to 41 auto-dry and time-dry cycles to be customized using real words instead of codes.
    3. 2. Easy to use: Get started with the push of just two buttons.
    4. 3. Monitor your laundry: Record start, stop and idle time between cycles to track the efficiency of your labor.
    5. 4. Reduce downtime: Receive automatic reminders of daily, weekly and monthly maintenance schedules, while machine errors are recorded by date and time for quick diagnosis and repair.
    6. It's simple to use and offers a limited diagnostic test.
    7. Programmable Control
      This customizable control allows any combination up to 30 auto-dry and time-dry cycles to be saved, providing easy user interface.
    8. Dual Digital Timers
      This economy control allows for the operator to select the ideal temperature, heating time and cooling time for each use.
  • Lower Utility and Labor Costs

    Our tumblers achieve the perfect balance between drying temperature, airflow pattern and usable cylinder space for maximum energy efficiency, shortening drying times and reducing your utility and labor costs. Plus, an extra-large reversible steel door allows convenient and efficient access, while a self-cleaning lint filter eliminates the need to manually clean the filter after each use.
  • Peace of Mind

    Our Combustion Auto Response Equipped (C.A.R.E.®) system is offered as an option on all tumblers except stacks and electric units and serves as a fire suppression system for your laundry. In the unlikely event of a laundry fire within the cylinder, a multi-port manifold system saturates the cylinder with water and activates an alarm at a remote location.

    UniMac offers a three-year limited warranty for any part of the commercial dryer which fails as a result of a defect in material or workmanship during the first three years (36 months) after the date of original installation.*

    *Parts only, labor not included. See UniMac Warranty Bond for specifics.
  • Dry Weight Capacity 75 (34.0)    
    Cylinder Size - in (mm) (diameter x depth) 37" x 36" (940 x 914)    
    Cylinder Volume - cu. ft. (liters) 22.4 (634)    
    Width - in (mm) 38 5/8" (981)    
    Depth - in (mm) 54 1/4" (1378)    
    Height, gas and electric - in (mm) 76 5/8" (1946)    
    Height, steam - in (mm) 76 5/8" (1946)    
    Motor, non-rev - HP (W) 3/4 (560)    
    Motor, reversing - HP (W) 1/3 (249), 1/3 (249)    
    Air Outlet Diameter - in (mm) 8" (203)    
    Air Flow - cfm (liters/sec.) 60 Hz Gas and
    Steam Models 920 (434)
    Air Flow - cfm (liters/sec.)  Electric and 50 Hz
    Gas and Steam: 750 (354)
    Reversing Cylinder Option    
    Water Inlet Size (C.A.R.E. System) (1) 3/4"-11 1/2" NH
    Hose Connection
    Plumbing Connection    
    Gas Models 1/2" NPT (13)     
    Steam Models 3/4" NPT (19)    
    Energy Data      
    Gas Models 165,000 Btu/hr (48.3 kW)     
    Steam Models At 100 psi (6.9 bar): 6.1 BHP,
    210,000 Btu/hr (61.6 kW)
    Electrical Specifications (diameter x depth)      
    Gas and Steam Models - Amps  Amps  Non-Rev  Rev
      120/60/1 13.8  13 
      200-208/240/60/1 7.6  
      200-208/240/60/3 3.8  4.3
      380/60/3 1.8  2.1
      460-480/60/3 1.9  2.1
      230-240/50/1 6.7  7.0
      200/50/3 3.5  4.5
      230-240/50/3 3.5  4.9
      380/400-415/50/3 1.8  2.1
    Steam only - Amps      
      440/60/3 1.9  2.1
    Electric Models - 30 kW      
      200-208/60/3 89  88 
      240/60/3 79  78 
      380/60/3 47  47 
      480/60/3 38  38 
      200/50/3 84  85 
      230/50/1 73  75 
      240/50/3 79  78 
      380/50/3 47  48 
      400-415/50/3 43  44 
      440/60/3 41  41
    Net Weight - lb (kg) 615 (279)    
    Shipping Weight - lb (kg) 677 (307)    
    Agency Approvals**      
    Gas Models CSA Star, CSA Flame, cCSAus, CE    
    Electric and Steam Models cCSAus, CE    
  • Product Model Number Type of Literature Comments
  • General Category Description
    Spec Sheets/BrochuresUT Series 50-75 lb Tumble Dryers
    Spec Sheets/BrochuresUniLinc™ Brochure
    Spec Sheets/BrochuresOPTidry™ Brochure
    Spec Sheets/BrochuresOPTidry™ Brochure - SPANISH

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